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This is your life Photo Book

Maybe you have heard of the TV show “This is Your Life”? It was a programme aired on BBC back in the 60’s. In the show, the host surprises a special guest, before taking them through their life with the help of the 'big red book'.

It is a collection of old photos and new photos compiled into chapters, printed and bound in a beautiful handmade red leatherette cover with the title "This is Your Life" gold embossed onto the cover along with the person's name.

Introducing Kennys Bindery "This is Your Life" Photobook service

There are three options to choose from;

  1. Print Yourself: Print the pages on your own and bring them to our workshop or mail them to us. We'll expertly bind the pages into a stunning hardbound book.

  2. Let Us Print: Email us your PDF file, and we'll take care of the printing. Afterward, we'll bind the pages into a beautifully crafted hardbound book.

  3. Full Service: Sit back and relax as we handle the entire process from design to printing and binding.



  • Thread-Sewn:  Hardbound Leatherette Cover with Gold Embossing
  • Cover Colour:  Red
  • Photobook Hardbinding A4 - €47.50
  • Printing on premium 160gsm - €00.65 per page
  • Design - €85.00
  • Scanning:  22 cents per photo (includes editing)
  • Timeframe:
    -Printing and Binding Only  approx. 4 working days
    -Design, printing and binding approx. 3 weeks


Tips on how to organise a "This is Your Life" book

  • Chapter One - Birth (Scans, Birth Cert, Photos of New Born)
  • Chapter Two - The Early Years (Pictures as a toddler)
  • Chapter Three - The School Years
  • Chapter Four - Work & Play
  • Chapter Five - Happy Memories
  • Chapter Six - Family and Friends



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