Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 4:00pm, Friday: 8.30am - 1:00pm

If you have not used WeTransfer before please read the information below to help guide you.

Go to WeTransfer Website:

WeTransfer Website

If this is your first time visiting the website you will be presented with an option to Sign up for a Free Account or purchase a Pro Account.  You can sign up for the Free Account but if you don't wish to, you can just click on the link "I just want to send files"

You will then be presented with the option to upload your PDF File.  Click on the Plus Sign, and browse out to your computer, and choose your PDF.  Next, click on the Get Link button.  Once you get the link, click on the Copy Link button.  This is the link you need to include in the Thesis Order Form.

wetransfer step1

wetransfer step2


Please note that images and colours may vary on the WeTransfer website from those shown here.

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