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Letters to the Bride
  • Letters to the Bride
  • Letters to the Bride
  • Letters to the Bride
  • Letters to the Bride
  • Letters to the Bride

Letters to the Bride

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Gift the Bride something that lasts forever - a collection of stories, memories and advice from her loved ones.

Whether you are wanting to do something special for a hen party or the day of the wedding, Letters to the Bride takes care of both. A gift that will be loved and cherished forever!

What exactly is a "Letters to the Bride" Book?

It's a compilation of messages from friends and family, nostalgic stories and memories, cherished recipes, invaluable advice, heartfelt poems, and treasured photos.

Where to Begin?

Start by reaching out to friends and family of the bride, asking each to contribute one photo and a meaningful message. The message could be a cherished memory, a heartfelt wish, invaluable advice, a beloved recipe, a touching poem, or an inspiring quote.

Once you've collected all the messages and photos, compile them into a single Word file. Kennys Bindery will then handle the design and formatting of the book, ensuring it's a stunning masterpiece.

Make it Truly Special

Enhance the book by including photos of the happy couple and a surprise message from the groom

Suggestions for Your Message

Here are some hints to inspire your message:

  • Share your first memory of meeting the bride.
  • Reflect on your favourite shared memory of the bride and groom.
  • Highlight the quality of the bride that you cherish the most.
  • Share a favourite quote that resonates with the bride.
  • Recall your favourite trip together.
  • Offer valuable advice for the bride-to-be.

What's Included in the Price

  • Personalized Gold Embossed Hardbound Cover in A4 Portrait size (210 x 297mm).
  • Up to 40 pages printed in Colour on 160gsm paper, with extra pages available at 65 cents per page.
  • Design and formatting services provided.


  • Allow approx. 7-10 working days.
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