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What you need to know

  • What is your final page count, plus or minus 10 pages
  • What is the finalised title
  • Printing yourself? Know what weight paper you're printing with
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Thesis title*  Please enter the title of your dissertation or thesis clearly, paying particular attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Please provide a title for your thesis
Author Name*  A thesis must always be submitted in the registered name of the student, i.e. the name on the student Id. card, which reflects the name on the student's birth certificate. If the name on the thesis cover is incorrect it will be rejected by the exams office leaving the student with the added expense of rebinding.
Please enter the author name
Author's email*
This is not a valid e-mail address.
Award / Degree*  Specify exact degree. (e.g. B.A. in Geography, B.Sc., B.Eng., M.Sc., M.A. in History, Ph.D., LL.M. in Public Law, M.B.S. (Marketing))
Please specify the exact degree to print on the cover
College / Institute*  Please specify the name of your University, Institute, College, School etc.
Please add College / Institute.
Year of submission (Printed on cover)*  The year to be printed on the cover is the year the thesis is submitted.
Let us know the year to print on your cover
Number of HARDbound Copies*  Thread-Sewn, hardbound with gold embossing front and spine.
Please select a value for .
Number of SOFTbound Copies *  Softbound / Gumbound
GLUE/GUM bound
Soft leatherette cover
Gold embossing on front cover only
Please select a value for .
Number of PVC bound copies*  Thermal tape bound 
Clear PVC front cover
Card back cover
Number of SPIRAL bound copies*   Plastic Spiral-bound
Clear PVC front cover
Card back cover
Number of WIRE bound copies*  Metal Wirebound
Clear PVC front cover
Card back cover
Cover Colour*  Colour Cover applies to Hard and Soft binding. e.g. Blue, Black, Green, Maroon, Trinity Blue, DCU blue. 

PVC, Spiral and Wire binding the front cover is clear PVC and the card back is black.
Please tell us the colour you'd like
Number of pages*  Not sure yet? If in doubt about the number of pages please go 20 pages approx. above what you think it will be. This allows us time to create the cover for binding without knowing the exact final size.
Paper grade/weight
Paper grade/weight, if unavailable above  Please specify the weight and grade of the paper you are using.
Double or single side printing?*  Note: If you are printing double sided please be aware of your formatting. We advise to leave even margins on all pages (i.e. 2.5cms on all four sides).
Please select a value for .
Author's Address*
Additional information  If you would like any further information to be displayed on the cover e.g. College or Department, please specify in detail here. If you require any words to be in italics please specify here.
Author's Mobile Number*


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