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Hen Party Memory Book

The hen party memory book is an absolute must for any hen party! A gift that will be loved and cherished forever!

What is a Hen Party Memory Book?

It can be a collection of old photos, new photos, messages from friends, old stories and memories, recipes, advice, and poems….

Where to Start?

Contact each hen well in advance of the party. Ask each person to send a photo of themselves with the Bride-To-Be and to write a message. The message can be a memory, a good wish, advice, a recipe, a poem, a quote...

Make it extra special

Try and dig out some old photos as well, they are great to add throughout the book, like a trip down memory lane. One really nice touch is to finish the book off with photos of the happy couple and a surprise message from the groom!

What to do next?

Send us all the photos and messages.  There are a few ways you can get the messages to us:

  1. Then, simply bring the photos and messages into our workshop or post them to us, and we will then bind the pages into a beautifully hardbound book, to your requirements.


  1. Have us print it for you. Simply fill in the Order Form and upload your PDF file for printing, or bring it to us on a USB key or Disc, and we will then bind the pages into a beautifully hardbound book, to your requirements.


For the standard book allow approx 14 working days

Roughly the time frame is broken down like this:

  • 2-4 working days for formatting
  • 2-4 working days for edits
  • 2-3 working days for printing and binding
  • 2 working day for delivery in Ireland


  • Thread-Sewn:  Hardbound Leatherette Cover with Gold Embossing
  • Cover Colour:  Wine, Black, Navy, Green, Red, Grey, Blue
  • Price:  €40.00
  • Formatting: €40 - If you require us to format the book for you.

Printing prices

  • Black & White page: 15 cents per page
  • Colour Page:  55 cents per page

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Hints on how to organise your Hen's memento book

  • Chapter One - Birth (Scans, Birth Cert, Photos of New Born)
  • Chapter Two - The Early Years (Pictures as a toddler)
  • Chapter Three - The School Years
  • Chapter Four - Work & Play
  • Chapter Five - Happy Memories
  • Chapter Six - Family and Friends



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