Roman numerals

Sometimes you may wish to have pages numbered with Roman Numeral notation in certain sections of your dissertation or thesis, such as the content pages or the appendices. This guide will show you how to have both standard decimal and Roman numeration in the same document.

We have a YouTube how-to video, and also below is a step by step guide.

How to Number Pages Differently Video

The example below shows Microsoft Word 2007.

1. Click at the beginning of the section where you want to change the page number. i.e. Chapter 1.

Inserting Roman Numerals: Inserting a section break

2. On the Page Layout tab, Select Break, under section break select Next Page

Inserting Roman Numerals: Select Next Page

3. Double Click on the header or footer. It should look like the below.



Inserting Roman Numerals: Accessing the Format dialog


5. Click the Footer of your document. Select Page Number, Bottom of Page and select the one you wish to use, i.e centre/right/left etc.

Inserting Roman Numerals: Select the format you prefer



6. Click the footer of the previous section, i.e the section you require Roman Numerals.


7. Select Page Number, Format Page Numbers.

Inserting Roman Numerals: Returning to standard decimal numbering

8. Change the page numbers to Roman Numerals, and select OK.




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