This is Your Life Photoalbum

Maybe you have heard of the TV show “This is Your Life”? It was a programme aired on BBC back in the 60’s.
In the show the host surprises a special guest, before taking them through their life with the help of the 'big red book'.
It is a collection of old photos and new photos complied into chapters, printed and bound in a beautiful handmade red leatherette cover with the title "This is Your Life" gold embossed onto the cover along with the persons name.

It really is a bespoke gift idea that would be cherished for years to come. A trip down memory lane!


The albums include 30 sheets of 230gsm cream card, which are separated by embossed, rustling glassine sheets.


The photographs, they can be attached by means of photo corners, spray glue, photo glue or double-sided tape.


We have two album sizes to choose from;

Medium: 305 x 300mm (30 sheets) - €75.00

Large: 350 x 350 mm (50 sheets) - €100.00

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