Configuring margins

Preparing your  document for printing and binding is easy. Here we show you how to configure margins on your pages and how to allow for A3 pages and other outsized pages that you may have such as maps or large data tables.

Setting the Margins for  Printing Single Sided printing margins

For Single Sided printing the left hand margins are required to be 3cm or greater to allow for the binding process. Each of the other three margins should be 2.5cm.

For Double Sided printing all four margins should be set as 2.5cms.

Double Sided pritning margins









To set the page margins open the Page Layout dialog (Usually in File > Page Setup or Page Layout). In the Page Layout dialog box you can change the margins as shown below.

When you click OK, the documents margins will be resized to what you have selected. This may change where page breaks and diagrams are placed in your document so recheck the layout to ensure you are happy with it.
You can also check out this short YouTube clip showing you how to format margins.


How to fold A3 sheets for binding

Dealing with A3 or outsize size pages

All A3 or other pages/maps/diagrams larger than A4 should have a margin at the top and left hand side of at least 2 cm, as shown below. Please advise us if you have any sheets bigger than A4 and we will fold them for you to ensure that the folds are not trimmed off in the binding process and that they fold out as you intend.









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