Leather Binding

Rebinding and restoration

Kennys offers a wide variety of binding, restoration and repair services for your books.

  • Re-Backing of cloth and leather books
  • Binding of original manuscripts in a variety of styles and materials
  • Custom gilt stamping
  • Replica Binding (19th century etc)
  • Re-binding of bibles and missals
  • Custom boxes, clamshells and slipcases for delicate items.


Gerry Kenny will hand-bind your cherished rare book in leather with marbled paper and raised bands with gold tooling in 24ct gold leaf . A truly unique and timeless work of art.
Loose leaf binding


Loose-leaf binding

Loose leaf binders can be made to any specification with any ring fitting you require, from 2 ring, 4 ring to inter screw. We stock a large variety of materials from plastic to cloth in various colours.