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BOOKBINDING- Binding a Personalised Newspaper Book 

 In this video, you will see Gerry binding a personalised Memorable Moments Ireland newspaper book.

Gerry begins firstly by knocking up the pages and glueing the spine. Once dry he will punch holes and thread-sew the book.
The book will then be endpapered front and back, the spine will be lined and the book trimmed on three sides- foredge, top and bottom.

Next step is to set the name and date that is to be embossed on the front cover. They are set using our Ludlow Typograph machine.
The lead 'slug' of the name and date is brought to the blocking machine where Gerry will line up the name in the chaise where it will
be heated and ready for gold embossing. The cover is lined up, gold foil is placed and the name and date will be embossed onto the front cover.

The book is now ready for 'casing in'. Gerry will firstly line up the book in the cover to ensure it fits nicely.
He begins by spreading glue on the front endpaper, pressing, removing any excess glue, then the same process
on the back endpaper. The book is now ready to be placed between notching boards in the book press for around 1-2 hours.

The book is then ready for shipping to the customer.

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