3 Tips - How to Save Money on Thesis Binding

 #1: Colour Printing

One big way to save money on your thesis costs is to cut back on colour printing.
Websites, hyperlinks and email address can appear in blue change these to black.
Change any other colour that you don’t need such as page numbers, headers etc to black
giving you a saving of 40c per page!


  #2: Formatting & Proofreading

Before sending your pdf for printing check the PDF file one last time.

Check page numbers are included, check your table of contents, check your name is spelt correctly,
check nothing has jumped to another page.

Take your time and do one last proof-read see if you can spot any last changes.
This will minimise the need for costly reprints.



   #3: Order Form

Before filling out our online thesis order form check with your university if they have any specific binding requirements.
Such as a certain cover and spine layout or a certain colour cover.
Make sure the name you put on the order is the same as it appears on your Student ID card.
Your university might not accept your bound thesis unless it meets their requirements.
By checking this can save you from any re-binding costs. 

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